First blog

So…today has turned out to be a pretty significant day in terms of my online life.


I have registered on LinkedIn, downloaded TweetDeck and, as I am sure you can see – have started my first blog. 


So, if you are reading this it is (or at least I feel it is) probably important for you to know who I am. So lets start with that shall we.


I am a 21 years old and am I currently studying at the AAA School of Advertising (Grad year). I will be specialising half way through this year in either account, media or brand management and am really looking forward to getting into the ad industry. 


Other little things about me? I collect bonsai and SA old masters (paintings). I like to fish and to scuba dive (I am a dive master) as well as anything to do with the beach/sea. 


Now that you know a little more about me, maybe you wont feel as guilty seeing what I think? 


Invite me on twitter: BradSeatonSmith


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