You look silly…

I often think about my life in terms of what I wear, the products that I use, my hair style, the music that I listen to and think…my word my future grandkids are going to laugh their a$$es off when they see or hear about this!


I mean, think about your grandparents. You can’t tell me you have you never looked at photos of them and thought – what were you thinking! Now don’t you think that your grandkids will do the same to you one day? You better frikken believe that they will! Sure, your style looks hot now but give it a few years and you will look about as hot as a David Hasslehoff wearing a moon-bag (at least to them). 


So what do I do and wear that could one day be embarrassing to the kiddies? Hmmm… well, I wear brightly coloured baggies to swim in, I put gel in my hair, I drive a VW Polo…come to think of it, just about everything I have will one day be uncool.


Perhaps with all the technology that we have now (and are constantly getting), our decline into fashion senselessness will be slowed? I mean we have a far easier time in keeping up with the latest trends than our grandparents once did…


Then again, I am only 21 and I already see kids wearing and listening to things that I find ridiculous. It is all going to happen so fast and no matter how hard we try, I doubt any of us will be able to keep up for ever.


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2 Responses to “You look silly…”

  1. Andrew Green Says:

    Great topic. this is the reason why i do not have a real fashionable haircut, or follow pop culture. the best things in life are timeless. nevertheless whatever you do with your hair or clothing your children and grandchildren will always find something amusing about it.
    Has anyone else noticed the “modern retro” revolution that has taken over. think of the leggings that girls wear, the old style ear phones, even cars are now retro- fiat 500 & mini copper– seems as though everybody is wanting to live in the past.

  2. Fazloe Says:

    Agreed. I’ve looked at pictures of myself when I was a laaitie and my mother dressed me and thought more than a few times ‘what WAS she thinking?’. And then when I looked at pics when I dressed myself I’ve had the same reaction. It’s unavoidable like you said so I try not to think about it. Good post.

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