Drawing the line

Currently, I am in my final year of my marketing degree. I have been working very hard to do my best and to be the best. Because of this, I don’t always spend as much time with my friends and family as I would like. I have been telling myself (and others) that it is just because I am studying and I need to focus on this and my studies have to come first. 

I have been thinking though…where do I draw the line? As soon as I am done studying, I will start working. I will be doing my best to be the best and to make a name for my self so I will probably be putting my work first…

And when I get older? Maybe start my own company. Then what? Put that first? 


I can’t keep doing this and I am afraid that if I don’t stop now I never will. I need to make more time for those that are really important in my life because what is the point of a life lived, if it is lived alone?


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One Response to “Drawing the line”

  1. Carel Says:

    ‘Balance’ is such an over rated concept… Nothing great was ever achieved trough a balanced life. All great athletes, thinkers, authors, leaders owe their achievements to times of great inbalance and single minded pursuit of their goals at some point on their lives…. It is just a question of how important your goals are to you and what you are prepared to sacrifice for them.

    …but then agan, maybe a balanced life is a great achievement in itself… hmmm?

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