I hate pessimists. They are experts at thought demolition. They can take a great idea in your head and bring it crumbling to the ground within seconds. 

A pessimist is blind to the views of capability and will prefer to dwell in their own negativity. They also seem to enjoy spreading this negativity where ever they go. They are poisonous and will make you doubt yourself and make you doubt what others can do as well.


Why is it so hard to look on the bright side? Why cant the glass be half full? I wish that I could show them that their negativity only makes a bad situation worse. If you ever try and tell some one that they are a pessimist and you will get the same response thrown in your face: “I am not a pessimist, I’m a realist”.

Yes the world has a lot of bad but that does not mean that you need to let it consume you. So, when you come face to face with a pessimist, be positive, not bitter and prove them wrong.


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5 Responses to “Pessimists”

  1. Andrew Says:

    Get real, first of all: the glass is far to big for the liquid that it contains…

    an optimist is a person that hasn’t got all the facts yet…

    If pesimists had ruled the world- would we every have found America, or gone to the moon, or have sliced bread.

    At least it’s not global warming… cause you cannot be a realist with that.

  2. Bradley Seaton-Smith Says:

    For those of you that have not realized it yet, my friend Andrew here is a pessimist.

    And no Andrew, a pessimist would have said that it is silly to think that there is any possibility of discovering another country or going to the moon and you can thank optimists for sliced bread as well, just because.

  3. Carel Says:

    If you’re happy, it means you don’t understand the problem…. hahahaha….

    But seriously, Brad, I consider myself an optimistand it has informed many of my decisions over many years. Looking back I see that optimism in itself, brings rewards, even if it is not based on reality or some factual grounds. What is reality anyway??

    Optimism and pessimism both have the same self fulfilling prophetic capacity. Why then, choose to fullfil your fears instead of dreams??

  4. Steve Says:

    The Secret: It really works.

    And the thing is, say for example that things turn out of the worse anyway, at least you have spend your time up until then believing in a better outcome, thus increasing your happiness level (which is, after all what life is about). And by seeing the best in something and looking on the brighter side, often, and i’m not saying always, things do turn out for the better.

    Try it.. What have you got to lose?

  5. Bradley Seaton-Smith Says:

    I agree Steve. A bad situation is on only made worse with negativity

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