Our only salvation


I can’t decide whether it amazes or scares me more to hear that so many people are willing to A.) not vote or B.) vote for another party because as much as they would like them to, they cant see their party winning.

I can promise you something – if you never buy a lotto ticket, you will  never win the lotto… 

So tell me, how can we expect to get a government that we want, a government that we deserve when we take that powerful weapon called a vote waste it? Our votes will only count if we make good use of them and we all stand together to get back what this country deserves!

And what I believe South Africa deserves is a government that does not discriminate against black people, white people or any other race. One that knows that no one, no matter how powerful, is above the law. And one that does not think that the reserve bank was set up as a reserve for them!

On the 22nd of April I will be voting – not for the party who I think will win any way, but for the party who I think can make a difference in this country. I hope that you will do the same.

Remember: “In a democracy, people get the government that they deserve” (Helen Zille). I certainly will not give you any sympathy if you do not make the rite choice. Wake up South Africa!

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5 Responses to “Our only salvation”

  1. JP Says:

    And the right choice would be ?
    Yours no doubt?
    Give me a break !
    How self indulgent can you get ?
    The right choice, you stuck up, self righteous ignoramous,
    will be what the people choose.
    Grow Up.

  2. Bradley Seaton-Smith Says:

    The right choice JP, would be to vote. I have not written a post promoting one specific party, the whole article is there to try and encourage people to vote. Granted I quoted Helen Zille but that was because what she said was relevant to the post…

    So you think that Mugabe is the right choice for Zimbabwe then? The people chose him so he must be the right choice? Is that what you are saying?

    What I am saying is that people do not always choose who they know is the right choice but rather will vote for another party who they think has a better chance or simply will not vote.

    But if 100 000 people all have this same mindset then thats 100 000 votes that their “first choice” party will lose. I do not want people to give up and to at least try. Please explain to me how this is “self indulgent” sir.

  3. Carel Says:

    “All that needs to happen for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing” – someone clever before WW2

    Your vote DOES make a difference, don’t waste it….

    Good retort Brad!

  4. Andrew Says:

    JP, how does this blog support any political party?
    The choice is what the people want, example a democracy…
    no where does it say that you must make the choice of voting for brads party, whichever one it may be.
    the right choice is to vote!!!
    If you spent more time reading it properly, insted of using titanic diction to assess a man of fiction, then you may understand the point trying to be conveyed.

  5. Malebo Says:

    Gosh Brad didnt even mention the party he will be voting for or rather the party he was going to vote for. So who’s the one that should grow up huh??

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