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Against the grain

March 12, 2009

Have you ever just wanted to do something just to be different? I have, and it is not just to be a rebel or to be difficult but rather to just stand out. 


Is it possible to stand out and get noticed if we are the same as everyone else? I don’t think so.


You don’t want to stand out? I guess that is fare enough. For one thing it is safer, there is after all safety in numbers so it is up to personal preference. I on the other hand am not going to be happy with just being average and like everyone else. I want to stand up and be  noticed and if the world wants to solve a problem one way I will do it another way – and do it well!


Sure there is more of a chance that it wont work, but would anything have been invented if people took what they had as the best that there could ever be? Hell no! They fought those that laughed in their face and told them that they could’t do it and proved them wrong! 


You could conform but why do you want to? Why not challenge the rules and start to do things your way?