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Building your personal brand

February 9, 2009

Since briefly discussing the reasons why it is important to build your image and essentially create “Your own personal brand”, I thought today we could discuss some ways to do that.

In yesterday’s post I said that you are evaluated according to your actions, therefore – in everything that you do, conduct yourself in a manner that is fitting to your “brand”. Don’t be fake, if you are a certain person, and you are happy to be that person, then don’t change according to who is around you. Decide on who you want to be and live that way.

Secondly it was discussed that your achievements build your brand’s reputation. So if this is true, then why not aim for the top? What is the point in doing something if you don’t want to be the best at it? If you only do the bare minimum, you will never learn, you will never grow and you will never achieve.

Finally your presence. Get your self known. Become actively involved in the things that you are passionate about. Having an online presence is easy – get facebook (as if you don’t have it already), get a twitter account (fantastic for networking) and join online discussions and have a say.

Doing this and more will build your personal brand and in the long run, make it incredibly easy to “sell” yourself, be it for a new job or what have you.