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Drawing the line

March 19, 2009

Currently, I am in my final year of my marketing degree. I have been working very hard to do my best and to be the best. Because of this, I don’t always spend as much time with my friends and family as I would like. I have been telling myself (and others) that it is just because I am studying and I need to focus on this and my studies have to come first. 

I have been thinking though…where do I draw the line? As soon as I am done studying, I will start working. I will be doing my best to be the best and to make a name for my self so I will probably be putting my work first…

And when I get older? Maybe start my own company. Then what? Put that first? 


I can’t keep doing this and I am afraid that if I don’t stop now I never will. I need to make more time for those that are really important in my life because what is the point of a life lived, if it is lived alone?