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A bigger issue than you may think.

April 10, 2009

What kind of power do our perceptions have over the way we view companies? A few days ago I was at Virgin Active again (sorry this is the 2nd time I have mentioned that I go to gym in this blog), and I saw what looked like two managers on a branch visit.

I happen to notice, that these two manager-looking people were rather overweight… now please do not get me wrong, I have no problem with slightly larger people but it got me thinking – if I was not already a member at Virgin Active and one of them were to approach me and offer me a contract, there is no chance that I would take it!

Now again, it is nothing personal against them but you simply can not have overweight people as the managers of a gym! It is harsh I know and I am sorry that I am the one saying it but it is true. What kind of a message does that send potential clients?

It is the same as hiring a guy with a mo-hawk and tattoos up his neck to work in a playschool. He may be a lovely person but how many people do you think will be willing to leave their kids with him? Even though perceptions are often unfair and can easily be wrong, are you willing to risk that loss of income to your business?

Now I am not saying fire the two manager people, just get them in shape for flip sakes! It is not like you are lacking the equipment to do so, or the trained staff or anything really…

Why not use the two of them as an example? “Our two managers looked like this before, now they look like this!”

This is blunt, but true I am afraid. It is brand confusion. Am I wrong to say it?



Sometimes you have to be a loser…

April 3, 2009


At gym this evening, a friend said to me – “You know, I used to think that guys that go to gym on Friday evenings were such losers but I guess if you want to achieve your goals, sometimes you have to be a ‘loser’.”

I think that is so true. Sometimes we have to be that ‘loser’ (as some might see it) in order to become winners. So next time someone laughs at you and calls you a loser for getting those distinctions, getting that employee of the month award or even going to gym on a Friday night instead of drinking beer and watching the cricket, don’t say anything, just smile. 

You and I both know that they will look at you very differently when you become that winner. Go get ’em “loser”!