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Jump! You might like it…

February 24, 2009

There are so many people that have so many cool ideas and the only reason that we don’t see 100’s more great new companies, fantastic new products or amazing new services every day is because we are too afraid to jump.

I bet if you try you can think of at least one example where you have said to yourself “Man, having a product like XYZ would be so cool” then you basically just sit back, wait and hope for someone to have the same great idea and invent it. Well why not you? Why don’t you do it? 

I know it can be scary. It is not an easy thing to take a risk but why not just try? Take action people and if you think of something great then do it! If you do not do it now then you will lose out. Someone will come along and do your idea in their own way and take the reward that could have been yours.

And if you do it and you fail then pick yourself up, learn form it and do something different!

Adam Osborne said: “The most valuable thing you can make is a mistake – you cant learn anything from being perfect”